Calm in the middle of the storm.

Alyssa has caught the yucky stomach bug that's been floating through our church. Josh came home right at 3:30 (a rare occasion) because he was starting to feel sick - now he's in the middle of it and feeling awful. Lael said her stomach hurt a bit, so we'll see how she does. Lauren and I are fine so far and Lord willing will stay this way.

Now everyone is in bed and the house is quiet. I have to get moving and rearrange some furniture. We're getting a delivery tomorrow! A sectional is something Josh and I have both wanted for some time but could not find one in the right size and for the right price. Finally we did and I'm thrilled that it could be delivered so quickly.


  1. Hope you are all back to normal soon. I love the sectional, can't wait to see it with the new carpet.

  2. Such fun as a new piece of furniture! I love such fun!

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about the stomach bug pestering your house as well! Caleb came down with it in the middle of the night last Monday (2/9) and by Sunday (2/15) ALL FOUR OF US were sick at the same time! Plus, Hannah cut TWO teeth in the midst of it all! It was absolutely awful! Luckily, we're all better now and David was able to go back to work today. Tell everyone we hope they feel better soon, and we'll be praying that you and Lauren stay healthy!

    Take care!:-)

    P.S.- I LOVE the new sectional! How exciting that you were finally able to find one!:-)


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