I've discovered that rules are not my favorite thing. I don't like feeling restricted. Completely rebellious, I know. But after having some strange health symptoms for awhile now, we've decided that I have to do something.
Can you see my bottom lip? It's hugely swollen. And it still got bigger after I took this photo. I've googled it, had alternative-health-smart friends look it up and asked my doctor. No real answers. The only thing that it might be is an uncommon symptom of Candida. The symptoms of this condition seem to pretty much cover everything that could ever be wrong with a person. But this list hit home. Finally something that said "swollen lips/face" as a symptom. Add to that my OCD-ness, psoriasis and sinus issues - we've got a winner. I won't be going on a full-blown Candida diet because my lip only seems to swell if I eat or drink something with a high amount of processed sugar like soda, cookies, cakes, etc. I'll be following more of this guideline but will use honey as a sweetener when needed, i.e. in my coffee (I hate Stevia) and in the granola we're all now addicted to. Its going to take some adjusting but I'm sure it will be worth it. I really think this is it and would love to know for sure.

And this is the new sofa, right after the delivery men walked out the door. We're still piecing together the room. I'm deciding if the throw pillows should be re-covered in a patterned fabric to add some interest to the room.


  1. Ugh. The anti-candida diet. My sympathies are with you.


    I vote for re-covering. But maybe that's because I'm totally enamored with all the things one can do to their home when they know how to sew-- since I can't!

  2. Ouch, is it painful or just annoying? As far as the couch goes, it looks great. I do think different color pillows would look great. Especially now that you sew so well.

  3. So let us know how this diet works out. The more I hear about candida, the more I wonder how many of us suffer from things related?... I'm not hardcore enough to cut out sugar in my coffee and the occasional [white flour] baked treat. I wish I was. I'm just so curious to know if my system is all gunked up by this junk and I don't even know it...

    My vote regarding pillows is add MORE!! Keep the solids and add in some prints. It'll look cohesive if you have a couple of the matching ones still. I think.

    And I love that Lauren's already discovered the corner seat. My fave thing about sectionals is watching little kids climb up into that little spot that adults avoid. Like they're own little perch!

  4. I'm in denial about my candida, even though I know I really should deal with it. Ick.

    Nice couch. Did you sleep on it yet?

  5. I vote with Danica -- try a mix of matching with pattern. It will create a cohesive look. Add some smaller, varying shapes with varying patterns. Fun!

    Hope you feel better soon. Diet changes are hard, but can yield improved health overall. Hope this one helps you!

  6. Candida. Not cool. Sorry friend! Do let us know how the diet works out for you!

    LOVE the couch though!!!


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