* tired but energetic. All these vitamins and supplements are at least helping!

* frustrated but hopeful. I've had two episodes of lip swelling since I started my anti-candida diet. But both were after unknowingly eating something with sugar in it - store bought salsa and salad dressing. Ugh.

* snuggled and loved. Lauren is the snuggliest baby we've ever had. Even though she's almost 2, that hasn't changed. She will regularly say "I neeeeed you" and put her arms up for me to hold her. So sweet.

* old. My teeny little blonde girl is not so teeny any more. She's 5 (well she's been 5 for awhile...). She has a super cute and big girl hair cut. And she's going to a birthday party without me today. She even wrapped the presents all by herself. yep. old.

* proud. Lael has really been making an effort to be a great big sister. She's doing well with her schoolwork. And she is learning patience - the hardest thing of all in my book! When I think back to two or three years ago, I never thought we'd get here. Praise the Lord.

* blessed. Over and over and over again. In ways that I just don't deserve. There is sadness, yes, for the loss and struggles around me. There is uncertainty as to where our country is heading. But there is vision (have you met my husband?! there is always vision!). There is hope in Christ. And that will get us through the hard times and the uncertainty.


  1. Will you be posting pix of the little blonde girl and her big girl haircut? At least you know that the diet is working, just need to read the labels more....I know, easier said than done.


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