I love table runners. They are quick, easy and come in handy when your toddler rips a big strip of veneer off the middle of your table. Here's how:

1) Cut your fabric to an appropriate width. Mine is eh-looks-about-right X good-enough inches. Hem the two long sides. I just fold in the sides about a half-inch and pin it before sewing a straight hem. Then fold in half the long way.

2) Press the fold firmly. You really need that middle fold line.

3) (This is where we all remember that I've only been sewing for a couple of months. It should have been folded with the right sides together. It doesn't really matter though.) Sew together the short sides. Don't worry about folding in the yucky ends, it won't matter when you're done.

4) Open up the middle fold and flatten the hemmed ends against the back of the fabric, creating a point. Press very firmly again.

5) Flip it over and press. And you're done!

Here is a photos of our new furniture and the pillows I made. There are more on my craft Flickr.


  1. You're fast! Everything looks AMAZING!

    Did you get your new TV mounted on the wall yet?

  2. @Heather - We haven't bought a new tv yet. Our LCD right now works fine so we figured it was a foolish use of our money to just buy a bigger one because we wanted one. The tv is still on that same stand against the wall.

  3. I love, love, love your new projects. Yes, we did check out the craft folder on flickr. The colored pillows look great against the dark sofa. Good job, dear.


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