* I have three boxes of size 12-24 month girls clothes. If you or someone you know needs them, leave a comment. :-)

* My little 2 year old darling refuses to wear footie pajamas. I love footie pajamas on round-bellied little toddlers. However, Lauren likes to rub her belly button when she's sleepy or snuggly. One-piece footies do not allow for belly button access therefore Lauren takes them off. We just received the cutest pair of chocolate brown and pink footies and she liked them for about an hour. Then off they went in favor of the belly. I can't say I blame her, its a pretty cute belly.


  1. I can't say I absolutely NEED them but if no one else does I'll NEVER turn clothes down. So if no one else comes forward and you're looking to get rid of them let me know!


  2. I need 18 mo tops and pjs ... Want to bring the boxes down personally??? :-) It's only a 15-17 hr drive!

  3. I could use 12-18m (and even 18-24m-- looking ahead) dresses since Bronwyn flew through those sizes so fast I hardly bought her anything. I'll take a look tomorrow at the meeting.


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