: We've been potty training Lauren. Lael and Alyssa are huge helpers in this department. I realized very quickly that I can't teach math to one girl, fold laundry and take Lauren to the bathroom at the same time! Not only has it made things easier but I think its more fun for Lauren. Today when she had a big victory in the potty department, her smile was electric when all three of us started cheering for her. She's catching on very fast.

: The big girls have rediscovered their "American" dolls, as Alyssa calls them. The price tag on the real thing has always made me choke so having such nice substitutes has been great. The clothes are pulled out every morning, hair brushed and matching purses found. We've also watched a few of the American Girl movies in the past weeks. While I know there has been some controversy about this company in the past, it's so nice to have movies that the girls enjoy and are appropriate - a very difficult combination to find!

: School is almost finished in our house. I might be more excited than the girls about this. :)