Let's Have Tea.

Yesterday afternoon was spent with a friend, chatting about curriculum. I'm pretty sure that any time there is more than one homeschooling mom in a room - you wind up talking curriculum. It's just what we do! More specifically I did a lot of talking about My Father's World. It is the curriculum we use and I don't see us straying from for several years. I love it that much. This year, we used Adventures in My Father's World (the 2nd grade curriculum) for both Lael and Alyssa's history/geography, science, Bible and reading. Then each girl had grade appropriate phonics/grammar and math. That is what I LOVE about this curriculum. We learn together as a family. Although I'm still deciding on the particulars of next year, I know that my children will be taught foundational truths in Bible, history and science through this wonderful curriculum.

The Adventures lessons teach about the beginnings of our country. Starting back with the Vikings, we learned how people fought to get to what is now the United States. We learned about how this New World was a haven for people seeking God and freedom. We learned about these citizens of the New World fought against those who wanted to control and lord over them because they believed God has given them the right and intelligence to create their own government. We learned how the people in this land have fought for freedom for all. Most recently we're learning how each state was founded and established - by the people who lived there.

My girls understand the foundation of our country.
They understand that hard work is how you provide for your family.
They understand that saving money is how you get the things you want.

I'm taking my daughters to a political protest today. It will be a peaceful, calm rally in protest of the high taxes and government spending. Each of my daughters has one of these signs to hold and they know why they're holding it. (Well, Lauren probably doesn't but hers will be taped to our wagon! :) ) I want them to know and understand that their parents didn't sit idly by while the government flitted through their future money. So we'll be there. Will they understand everything about today? Probably not. But I hope its a memory that they will file away and know that we did everything we could to preserve the country they learned about in our history books.


  1. Grampa said bring your camera, he wants to see the girls holding their signs at the protest! You go girl. I would be there if I had a car.

  2. Hi Jackie. I wanted to pick your brain a nit about the MFW curriculum. I was looking on their website at the kindergarten curriculum and it says that it has 166 lessons that are 60-90 minutes in length. I don't know if you used the kindergarten curriculum, but do you happen to know if everything takes only 90 minutes, or if their are additional activities not included in that time? I wonder because Wisconsin requires about 5 hours of schooling per day and I'm not sure how I would fill the other 3.5 hrs without some guidance. Also, I was wondering how it works out teaching 2 grade levels from the same curriculum (you said Alyssa and Lael were doing some parts together?) Does the curriculum offer different questions or lessons for different grades? Any information you could give would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long comment. Thanks.


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