May rain

- Does May rain bring June sunshine? That would be nice. We go on vacation in June, you know. :)

- Thanks to the rain, I am searching through the available Red Box movies for something fun. It is really hard to find good, appropriate family movies. Really, really hard.

- During a recent shopping trip, we happened upon a BOGO sale at Borders. Lael got an American Girl book, Alyssa (with her own money!) got an American Girl magnet set and a Veggie Tales coloring book and I got this. You would think after 5 years of food allergies, I'd know it all. But with Alyssa getting older and being a bit more independent I wanted a refresher. Bonus - great recipes for things like caramel popcorn, cream filled cupcakes and pancakes. All from scratch, all safe for my blondie girl.

- I think we're going to pair up a good movie with some caramel popcorn, hide from the laundry and relax. Sounds like a good rainy day to me!


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend a rainy day. Rain finally stopped here but it is very damp and cool now. So glad the girls loved books like they do.
    Still hoping to see the pictures of the renovations.


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