: I tried to take a break from the computer but it didn't work out so well. In the midst of it, we all got sick and I had several commitments I had to cancel or reschedule. That is nearly impossible to do without email or Facebook. But I'm done with my "restricted" time and looking forward to updating everyone on our life.

: So we're sick. We avoided strep throat by the narrowest of margins. It is simply a virus but comes with one mean sore throat. Lauren also has a double ear infection. Not fun at all. No one feels overly sick any more but we know we're all still contagious. No Friday Program for any of us - a heart breaker to my big girl. Hopefully we will greatly improve over the weekend and can resume normal activities next week.

: Lauren is fully potty trained. It was an incredibly easy process and I think that is partially because of cloth diapering. I am very happy to be done with diapers but sad at the same time. One more baby, growing into a big girl.

: We're starting a couple of minor remodeling projects. The upstairs bathroom is in desperate need of a face lift as is the girls' bedroom. Paint colors, colors, colors is what I have to choose today. I have such a hard time making up my mind, even what I know what color I want. There are so many to choose from!


  1. So sorry you have all been sick. I have as well. Sinus infection and ear infection as well as a horrid cough. Antibiotics have me on the mend. So pleased to hear you have Lauren potty trained. Feel bad about her having a double ear infection. Trust you will all be well soon and Happy Mother's Day, dear.

  2. Congrats on potty training - say congrats to Lauren on becoming "a big girl" for me. :)

    Good luck with all the remodeling and choosing of colors. I know that I would have a hard time choosing a color, as I am so used to "apartment white." lol

  3. I hope you'll post pictures of the repainted rooms!

    Oh, and yes, I've decided that taking a break from the computer is like taking a break from the phone: it just doesn't work in today's communication era. That said, just like with the phone, I could do more to LIMIT the computer. :)


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