Tomorrow is our last Friday Program of the school year.
Today is our last day of school for the spring semester.

Summer is almost here.
My lilacs are blooming. My hostas are huge.
And our summer vacation is coming up quickly.

We are going to Cape Cod this year. We'll travel there with my parents in their RV. Then when we get there, we rented our own camper with two bedrooms and a bathroom so we won't really have to rough it. My parents will be right across from us in their RV so the girls can run to see Nana and Papa whenever they want. Less than a half-mile from the ocean, 10 minutes from Provincetown and the outermost tip of the Cape and a trolley to take us where ever we need to go.

I'm. So. Excited.

We're going to spend a day at Plimoth Plantation exploring the world of the pilgrims. We're going to walk around, check out lighthouses and well - just do whatever we want. It seemed like it would never get here but now it's just a few weeks away.

We're very blessed.


  1. Sounds fantastic, when are you leaving?

  2. That sounds lovely. I'm kind of looking forward to the "summer break" aspect of homeschooling, as odd as that may be. Right now, nothing much changes when summer comes, which still is a shock to my system after 21 years of having summers "off", so it will be nice to have something to motivate me once homeschooling is an official thing around here. Enjoy your time "off" and your vacation :).

  3. Wow, that sounds like a great vacation!! I'm a little

    I hope you all have a great time! :)


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