Some days it is so very apparent to me just how much the Lord cares for me. It doesn't always start out that way. Usually things start off looking dismal at best. Yesterday was one of those days.

My cell group meeting was a bust. Only one of my friends came. We decided to pack up and head home to take advantage of the great weather.

Our rototiller refused to start and our garden really needs to get planted.

In an effort to get the garden ready by hand, I broke the dirt rake. Into three pieces.

The week-eater also refused to start.

I set up the girls' tent in hopes to occupy them for long enough that I could get some serious work done in the garden. It didn't work out so well. My soon-to-be-8 year old daughter spent the afternoon begging for a chance to sleep outside in her tent. By herself.

But then.
I ran back inside to gather up my kids and my Crockpot. As I get to the bottom of the stairs at church, I see a new mom wandering into the fellowship hall looking for me! I grabbed my friend from upstairs and we had a great time getting to know our new friend. Her kids had a great time with my kids. It was beautifully the Lord, orchestrating our steps and planning our meeting. I love it when that happens.

Josh called to tell me he's on his way home. With a rototiller. He borrowed one. The blessed family he borrowed it from fixed it again - just for us. It worked perfectly and our garden is now several inches of dark soil, waiting for my trip here to get our plants.

I bought another dirt rake for $5. That always makes me happy.

As Josh was rototilling, I decided to just try one more time to start the weed-eater. It started right away.

Josh decided to let Lael try to sleep outside. By herself. She's in a fenced in backyard, after all. Just a few feet from the house. Let her be big. So she did it. She went out at bed time, got into her pile of blankets and fell right to sleep. I did not do as well as she did. By the time we went to bed, Josh decided to go sleep in the tent with her. Not because she was afraid. Because I was. My baby was outside. By herself! But my hubby rescued me. He put on a sweatshirt, grabbed a big quilt and headed outside. They made it until 3AM until it was just too cold to stand any longer. I came downstairs only to see them strewn across the living room in sleeping bags and blankets, sound asleep and happy.

I am blessed.


  1. Great stories of His great faithfulness. Love it!

  2. I LOVE this post!! I have days like this as well. Isn't it great when He reminds us just how blessed we truly are?

    (Also, I would have been just like you in trying to let Lael sleep outside (that is if Ray were much older than he is), glad Josh was there to give you peace.) ;)

  3. I love it when He shows us just how much He cares about us. I also love that Josh slept outside with Lael. Yes, my dear you are blessed. A wonderful husband, 3 terrific daughters and inlaws who love you.......

  4. This is such a real testimony-- where so many of us live, you know?! Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Sorry I couldn't make it Moms Cadre. I was so busy trying to get ready for our departure for Syracuse that I couldn't squeeze it in, though I'd had my containers all ready to go the night before in hopes of being able to "do it all!" :( Next time!

  5. And I'm sorry I couldn't make it either. I will say I was totally bummed 'this' particular meeting was going to be missed while out of town for the week visiting my family. I'd still LOVE to hear the recipes?!?!


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