June in pictures

Lael and Alyssa in their swimsuits after a day of playing in the sprinkler. This is their little tent Lael slept outside in. Alyssa wanted to try her turn sleeping outside later that week but it was too cold. Josh set it up in the toy room for her. She enjoyed her little treat very much. (And it was easier on me!)

Our 4H club volunteered with the Canton Garden Club. The girls and I did some planting a few weeks ago. Here is most of the club members at a local cemetery monument. They worked hard weeding, raking and mulching. The older woman who runs the garden club was very blessed.
We also took a field trip to the Almanzo Wilder Homestead. Lael is on the far left above. She and two of her friends dressed in their prairie girl clothes and enjoyed pretending the day away. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time.

Lael will be 8 on Sunday. Here she is in her prairie girl clothes, waiting to leave for our field trip. She is such a great helper that sometimes I think it's easy to forget she's still a little girl. We decided that for her birthday Josh and I would take her shopping. Just her and us. A good friend is watching the other girls (which is quite an undertaking with Alyssa's allergies). We're going to lunch here since we can't go there when we have Alyssa with us because they throw peanuts. She is SO excited.
And here is our beautiful kindergarten graduate! She had a great time with her friends and going up on stage. Josh treated us all to ice cream and sno-cones afterwards which is her favorite thing!

So that's what we've been up to. It seems like a lot considering it's only half way through the month. The next photos you see on here will be of us on vacation! Bye!


  1. Love the pictures. Looking forward to ones of vacation. Have a great time. How was Texas Roadhouse? Very proud of Alyssa. Did she get the card we sent?


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