I have been terrible about posting here lately. In July of 2008, I posted 20 times. 20! This month, I'm sorry to say we're down to 2.

Things here have been busy. Here's a quick recap:

- The girls and I were in a Fourth of July parade with Josh. He drove a company truck, Alyssa sat on the float and waved, Lael handed business cards out and Lauren sat in her stroller waving a flag. It was fun. A bit exhausting but fun.

- We've not had any traveling to do all month so our family focus has been getting hearts and attitudes back to where they should be. Any parent that has had to pull the train back on the tracks, so to speak, knows how difficult this can be. We keep our minds on the future, knowing that our children will be better off having had parents that taught them to be selfless rather than parents who were their buddies.

- The summer cold has run it's course through our house. Poor Lauren is now on her second round of dreaded antibiotics due to an ear infection that won't quit. Two weeks ago, she had a terrible night of crying and wiggling in pain. I got her right to the doctor's office in the morning only to be told I was lucky her ear drum hadn't popped because it was so swollen. Apparently the course of amoxicillin did nothing. She was in so much pain last night that I took her to the ER. I couldn't stand to think of how much her ear must hurt. Thanks to a quick-working ER and a 24-hour Wal-mart, we were home around 1:30AM with more antibiotics and Motrin. Hopefully she recovers quickly.

- This coming weekend is our last slow weekend before the last of the summer craziness begins. The girls has been faithfully participating in activities with our 4H club for a year now and want to enter exhibits into the county fair. So August 1st will find me in completely new territory. I've never entered anything into a fair, let alone several things along with a booth for our club. Then that evening, my small group is meeting at the home of a woman from church for a special night of desserts and sharing in her garden. It should be fantastic. After that, every weekend (save one which I'm sure we'll need to recoup!) is loaded. A birthday party for my grandfather, a wedding and then the last hurrah - our trip to Long Island for the Afternoon Tea at the American Girl store.

Then it's back to reality!


  1. Poor baby. Hope this new antibotic is just what she needs. You do have a very busy life. , my dear.

  2. Hope Lauren feels better soon.

    And also....busy, busy, busy times for the Card family it seems, good luck to the girls with thier entries in th fair. :)

    As for not posting much, I must say, glad I am not the only slacker in this area....maybe later I will update my blog with all the new things Ray is doing....


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