5 Things

I was tagged by her to make a list of the top 5 things that make homeschooling easier for me.

1. Our curriculum. A) It's multi-age so Lael and Alyssa do the same geography, science, Bible and art lessons every day. B) It's completely preplanned and organized for me. I have to make sure we have supplies for projects, but even that is listed for me. C) It's easy to teach, fun and very informative. Alyssa correctly defined biome yesterday. That made me happy.

2. My planner. I have space to write in grade-specific language and math plans for each child (up to 4), every day. There is a blank daily schedule in 30 minute increments, a month-at-a-glance calendar plus space for weekly priorities, monthly expenses, weekly menus, semester goals, field trips, reading lists and my personal favorite - perforated shopping lists. So each Friday I look at our activities for the coming week, write in our school plans and make my menu according to those plans. Then my shopping list is right there for me to fill in, tear out and head to the store. I highly recommend it to any homeschooling mom.

3. A well stocked pantry. I don't know about you but things get ugly fast around here when no one can find snacks. If I keep my pantry well stocked, it makes my whole day run more smoothly. If there isn't a snack for the week already made, I can make one or assign a daughter to make one quickly. This is a great jumping point for a stocked pantry.

4. A cleaning chart. Many moms swear by Saturday cleaning days. I see how that would be really beneficial to an effective week. But for me, well ... I'm picky. a little. We work off a daily cleaning schedule. Lael, Alyssa and I all have assigned rooms to clean each day. The girls have a clipboard with exact instructions on how I expect each room to be cleaned. Each day before Josh get home (ideally) we do a quick sweep of the house to tidy up, run the vacuum and make everything neat and peaceful. It helps transition our day from school/play time to family/ Dad down time. It helps me let go a bit about messes during school time because I know we will clean soon. (wow, that really makes me sound crazy.)

5. My devotional Bible. I'm not the morning person I used to be. But, it's pretty much a guarantee that one my girls will be up by 6am. They will all be up and running by 6:30-7am. Mornings are tough for me but I found that skipping even the quickest of devotions was really affecting me. These devotions are short but poignant. I can read through one and have some prayer time while the girls watch PBS before breakfast. The best part is that the devotions are divided into character qualities. Right now I'm reading through the Peace study and really enjoying it.


  1. Thanks for sharing Jackie! Great insights! :) I knew you would post something about the planner!!! I like what you said about the stocked pantry. Yum! Your devotional sounds great! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Jackie! I'm not a homeschooler, but a lot of what you posted here is helpful to me as well. :) The cleaning schedule has helped me work in cleaning around Pete's hectic schedule...when I make myself do it, that is. And, yes, when it comes to cleaning you are a bit looney...lol (I oughta know from living with you for a year, huh? :)) I have been looking at that Bible and it's great to have a sound review of it. Also, thanks for posting the creamed chicken recipe...that might be something my hubby will actually eat.


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