My favorite season descended quickly upon us and now we're knee deep in fall busyness. Some highlights:

- Josh and I decided that it was time to add some extracurricular activities to Lael's week. Things got a bit hairy for a while but we've finally decided on what works best for us and what we're comfortable with. It will still mean more running around for me but they are all activities she enjoys and we think will benefit her in the long run.

- Lael asked to volunteer at out local library and help with the toddler story hour. We love, love, love that this is what she wanted to do with her time and happily agreed, as did our librarian.

- We're hoping to get our sporty Lael into a special non-credit program at a local college. It is a swim time for homeschooled children with swim lessons mixed in. We're very excited about her continuing one of her favorite summer activities for awhile.

- Alyssa is our social butterfly and loves to spend time with friends. She doesn't mind at all that we want her to spend another year focusing on her schooling and being at home. She and Lauren are inseparable most days. They play babies and pioneers and ant village (complete with a huge, living-room-wide tent) and read books together. They are very fun little girls.

- One class Alyssa will be going to in is Friendship Clubhouse. We always start out with the intent of getting our girls involved in this ministry at our church but have been lax in following through. Now that Alyssa will be 6 next month and she can join Lael, we are going to make a strong effort to get them there.

- I am almost through with our canning season. Even though our bushels of fruit came in late (and at the worst possible week for me), we've made it through. Our shelves are filling up nicely.

- Our enrichment program hosted a one day homeschool seminar this past weekend. I was totally blessed, encouraged and challenged by the sessions and workshops. And I was quite happy that I got through my sharing without making a complete fool of myself. All the workshops and main sessions will be available online to download for those unable to make it to the seminar.

- Friday School will be starting soon and we're all looking forward to that. I'm very blessed to be able to teach the kindergarten class - they are so much fun!

- I am hoping to get reviews of our curriculum and my planner soon. I am really enjoying both of them. And now I must get moving with my day! My planner tells me it is about time for breakfast.