Decade in Review:

2000-2009 certainly contained some terrible events. Time Magazine has declared it the worst decade ever. But as I look back over the last 10 years, I find lots of joy as well. Thanks to Abby D. for the idea!

- After a 2 month courtship, Josh proposed to me on February 22. I joyously accepted!
- We were married on July 15.
- We were heavily involved with ministry at our church.
- We discovered we were expecting our first child that September.

- We welcomed our first lovely girl into the world on June 14 - my 23rd birthday!
- We endured a few months of Josh working away from home during the week. That left me home alone with a newborn. Challenging but we made it!

- We moved into our first house - we're still here!
- Our whole year pretty much revolved around our very precocious toddler. Lael was quite the entertainment!

- We discovered we were expecting baby #2 - another girl!
- I continued to choose paint colors and repaint everything. Several times. The kitchen was painted 4 times starting in '03 until we settled on the current colors in maybe '06?
- We welcomed our lovely Alyssa into the world in October. She was our biggest baby to date (10lb. 4oz.) but my easiest labor. Go figure ;)

- In February, we started our journey with food allergies with our little Alyssa. She hadn't gained much weight since birth (among other health issues) and her doctor was completely stumped. Finally in April, we got her into a pediatric allergist and she was diagnosed. We were SO thankful to finally know what was going on with our baby.
- We felt God telling us to spend a season at Grace Covenant Church in Ogdensburg. It was hard to leave our beloved CFC but we so clearly felt God telling us to go. We both felt it wouldn't be permanent and that made it a bit exciting.
- That summer, Josh began working for himself. It was challenging but we endured and are much stronger for it.

- Hmm... this year is kind of a blur. We spent a lot of time at the doctors' offices for Alyssa's allergies, asthma and skin issues.
- Having a toddler with food allergies was intense. I did a lot of research and experimenting. Being aware of what she was touching, what Lael touched (and therefore needed her hands washed before she could touch Alyssa) and what was going in Alyssa's mouth was all-consuming.
- Josh continued to run his own small construction business. We look back now and see God's provision in so many ways.

- I joined a MOMS Club in January and met some great friends. In many ways, MOMS Club kept me sane. Being with other moms helped me so much.
- We spent a week that summer in the Lake George area - visiting with my parents, camping, doing all the tourist stuff. It was our first little vacation and I enjoyed it so much.
- During that vacation, I was battling morning sickness because we were happily expecting another baby!
- Lael began homeschooling that fall and started Friday Program.

- In March we welcomed our Lauren Jessa. She was the cutest baby!
- Lael excelled in her schooling. Quickly. :-)
- We felt God directing us to go back to CFC. Our season at GCC was done and it was time to go home.
- That November, Josh began working for Cornerstone Services. We felt like huge blessings were just dumped on us. It was a great year.

- Life with three girls was busy, busy, busy.
- I deleted my entire blog on accident. 3 years of blogs, gone. I was sad.
- We refinished our 100+ year old hardwood floors. It was a lot of work but very worth it.
- Lael was happily homeschooling. Alyssa started kindergarten that fall.
- I taught Friday School kindergarten. It was SO much fun!

- We vacationed twice this summer - early summer in Cape Cod and late summer in Long Island & NYC. In between we spent every possible day at the lake and river beaches that dot our area. It was the best summer ever, I think.
- I'm teaching Friday School kindergarten again. It really is so fun.
- We were just busy all year, I think. Basketball, CFA, field trips, homeschooling two girls with a very active toddler climbing everywhere, traveling, library time plus swimtime and guitar lessons started in the fall.

2010 looks just as busy from where I stand. It was a great decade. Lots of challenges but so many blessings in return.

How was your decade?


  1. This was so fun to read! Great idea. I may have to copy when I have a free moment :)

    How awful about your blog. I wonder about xanga and if it will be around forever so the kids can look back and read it. Probably should think about some sort of back-up huh?

  2. Loved the walk down memory lane.

  3. I loved reading this. It's so fun to see how the years kind of weave together to make a beautiful life!


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