I'm finding as my girls get older, it's gets harder and harder to find gifts we think are appropriate and affordable. As much as the electronics stores want to convince my 8 year old she needs her own laptop, I don't think so!

The easy one to buy gifts for is Lauren. Anything that involves a baby doll and she's all in. She has been making her own little 'diaper bags' from purses and totes around the house for weeks now. So when I saw this, I was just about ready to spend the money on it. Because really, how much cuter can you get?!

Much, much cuter.

Then I decided to check Etsy. Have you ever searched for a gift on Etsy? If not, you should. It's an online store for people to sell their handmade wares. Beautiful, creative handmade wares. So I searched for baby doll diaper bags. And found discoknits. Her diaper bags were SO adorable. The only problem was that I really wanted cloth doll diapers for her doll. I didn't need the expense of buying doll diapers every week! I emailed Debs and asked if she'd ever made cloth doll diapers. It couldn't hurt to ask right?! Well, not only did she try it just for me but they diapers are adorable! Lauren's perfect gift arrived beautifully packaged and very quickly. It's soft and beautiful and sweet and just what will make my little girl will squeak with delight on Christmas morning.

So if you have a little person who likes babies and dolls and being a little mommy, check out Debs Etsy shop. If you do order a diaper bag, mention my name and maybe she'll make you cloth diapers too. :)