Back in our
dirt poorfinancially lean years as a young married couple with a couple of kids running around, I made all our food from scratch. Bagels. Pretzels. Muffins. Granola. Granola bars. Snacks. Bread. Tortillas. Potato chips. Everything. This evolved over the years as finances changed and demands on my time changed. More store-bought foods found their way into my grocery cart each week. Some things stayed the same. Because of Alyssa's allergies, I still bake most of our sweet treats from scratch.

As I examined budget demands a couple years ago, I started making homemade laundry soap and household cleaners. Even though this does take a bit of time, the financial savings are such that I can't bring myself to buy detergent. Well no, I take that back. Once and awhile (usually around the holidays), I take a break and buy a bottle of detergent.

I find myself buying more pre-made groceries to save time. This is the way it is. There is a season for everything. As I find myself drawn out of the house more (usually by a daughter saying "Mooommmm, we're going to be late!") it is just more convenient for me to grab the tortillas for dinner at the store. But there is something so satisfying about sitting down to a meal with my family and knowing that I prepared -from scratch- every single thing those wonderful people are eating. Is it more challenging? Yep. Time consuming? You betcha. But totally worth it.

I made pretzels this afternoon for the first time in years. My girls don't even remember the last time I made them, which is the #1 thing that tells me it's been too long. When I told them I know how to make bagels, they looked at me like I'd grown another head! They don't remember that either. It's sad. We always have all the ingredients for most baked goods on hand (great reason for shopping in bulk!). I have no excuse but my own busy-ness or more likely my own laziness.

It's time for me to get back to the fresh stuff. Fresh bagels for breakfast. Fresh, sweet granola for snack time. Fresh bread for sandwiches at lunch. It's healthier, less expensive and creates awesome memories. That's what should matter.

Oh and fresh, crisp potato chips piled high next to a cheeseburger right off the grill. oh my. Probably not so healthy but we might have to work on that one next!