what's going on here -

- I haven't made anything yummy from scratch since my last post. This makes me feel like a total loser. But I do have good excuses as to why I haven't...

- We put our house on the market. Houses don't usually sell quickly around here. Apparently ours is. We've had unbelievable interest and have already accepted an offer. There are the usual snags so we aren't really sure what the next two months will hold. Lots of phone calls, emails, house showings and general chaos have been the norm around here. Hopefully the original buyers can get their ducks in a row and we'll have a closing date soon. Then we can work on little details like where we're going to live and will we have enough time to build our new house before the baby comes. Ya know... minor issues. ;-)

- Lael is now involved in two sports each week. Thankfully basketball ends next week and we'll be down to one. Swimming. But the past two weeks have been a little nutty with driving her (and her sisters, since they go everywhere we go!) around three days a week.

- Oh and we homeschool! That takes up a fair amount of time. Lael is learning long division and Alyssa is learning multiplication. Teaching these two concepts to my children in the same week takes up a good majority of my brain power. Math really isn't on my lists of strengths.

- And then there is the good ole pregnancy exhaustion. I've been feeling much, much better over the last two weeks or so but that still doesn't stop me from conking out on the couch for two hours every weekend. It's really not sleep. I think I go into a temporary coma because nothing wakes me up. It's very refreshing.

- My littlest girl will be 3 on Thursday. Unbelievable.

- Easter is really soon. I just got decorations out of their bin the other day. This one really caught me off guard. Hopefully the Easter bunny comes through because I have NO clue what's going n those cute little baskets.

So that's what is going on here. It's all very crazy and up-in-the-air right now but we're taking it day by day. April is looking just as wacky with Easter and then two weekends straight of visits from out-of-town relatives. If all is going well, I'll be packing somewhere in there too. Good thing I have more energy lately!


  1. Hope you find out soon on a buyer, glad you are feeling better and don't feel bad about the homemade stuff...the fact that you make you very own homemade stuff is GREAT!

  2. So glad to see the update. Looking forward to coming north and see the girls, I find it hard to believe that your "baby" is almost 3. Lael in long division and Alyssa in multiplication YIKES (quick what is 7x9) You are doing great and should not feel bad about no homemade stuff.....cut yourself some slack.....no one is expecting you to be super mom except you! Wish I lived closer and could help you with things.


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