Lauren is:
- running faster, talking more and learning to stomp her foot in anger every day.
- still a cuddle bug. She fell asleep on Josh last night while watching Mary Poppins.
- developing an issue with bugs. She doesn't like anything to fly around her. This could obviously make for a very long summer.

Alyssa is:
- reading better every day.
- enjoying her first chocolate bar, found at the local health food store. It's dark chocolate with raspberries in it. Sounds good to me!
- losing her speech impediment slowly. I realized that it must be hard for her to reprogram how she speaks, but she's doing a great job.

Lael is:
- sad that basketball season is over.
- enjoying swim time at the local college. It's a class just for homeschoolers and some of her friends are in it with her.
- learning the balance of being a child and a big girl. That's a hard one too and she is doing a great job as well.

Josh is:
- happy the snow is gone.
- very busy with work. It's trade show season in our area, which means Josh works lots of weekends.
- looking forward to getting to the end of this "selling the house" roller coaster.

I am:
- riding the roller coaster as well. Our first accepted offer fell through because of financing difficulties the buyers experienced. We're on the verge of accepting another offer - hopefully. Then we ride through the flips and turns of inspection, appraisal, packing, finding a place to live and the buyers' final walk through.
- finally in my second trimester and feeling SO much better.
- taking it slow after a packed Easter weekend. My parents surprised us with a quick visit and we shoved everything we could into the 24 hours they were here. Easter Sunday was much quieter - just us, some backyard kickball and a bit of television.


  1. Thankful for the udate. So looking forward to Sat. Miss the girls terribly and jealous your parents got to see them (sorry) I know that Dad is eager to see the girls too and spend some time with Josh. Very excited about May 1.


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