Old Age

Reasons I am getting too old to live in the village:

- I look at the college students who seem to be wandering aimlessly from house to house at all hours and think "why aren't you working or in classes?!"

- When a car goes by blasting loud music or revving it's engine so the (purposefully) loud exhaust can be heard, I remind my girls how disrespectful it is to disturb other people like that.

- People who shout nonsense out their car windows earn a mean stare and head shake. Occasionally a tsk is thrown in.

- 10 pm is my bedtime. When people disturb my bedtime, I call the police.

For this and several other reasons, I pray and beg that our rental over the next year will be in the country. This old lady needs some peace and quiet. ;)


  1. Oh you are a hoot! We have been called 'ole fogies' by certain people we know cause our bedtime is at 8pm, we really do have reasons why, tsk, tsk, 4 am wakeup call and all. Y'all need to get a real job and stop wasting your time meanderin.

    OK, I'm tired and silly. That was a really funny post. Hope you find ( or someone finds) you a super rural rental soon. Take care lady!

  2. This is a funny post. Your FIL feels the same way. Our neighbor runs out in the yard shouting at people to bother him or drive too fast or with their radio blaring. Hope you find a rental that suits you very soon!


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