mid-summer blips

- We are about two weeks away from moving into a permanent rental that will be home until our dream house is built. I'm very, very excited to get into a house with a nice yard and not have to move again until we are good and ready. I never thought that I'd be one who would miss "stuff" but I miss my stuff. My leather chair, my dresser, my knickknack's. I can't wait to go through everything and get our home organized.

- Each and every day I'm shocked at what people say. Whether it's asking me if I'm finally going to get my tubes tied after baby girl #4 arrives or if it's telling me how foolish we are for wasting our money on a rental all winter -- really?! I didn't know any of that was open for discussion with strangers or acquaintances. My close friends don't even bother to ask because if they don't already know, they understand I don't want them to know. We're pretty transparent people. We've gone over with an infinite number of people why we're moving through the building process slowly. And our decisions on future babies are really no one else's business. Another thing most people who know me understand. But still, opinions are like ... well you know. Everyone's got 'em. ;-)

- I'm just about 30 weeks pregnant which means for me it's time to start thinking about what I need for this baby's arrival. Thankfully not much! We've got cloth diapers galore, clothes to get us started and a new-to-us car seat/stroller combo that is in great shape. My Moby wrap has just been found and I'm looking forward to using that again during the newborn stage. Our bassinet is waiting in storage to be stripped down and washed. I think the only think left is a bouncy seat, which are easily found. Eventually we'll need a new crib, thanks to Lauren and her acrobatics. What is now her toddler bed is in no shape to be turned back into a crib. She did quite a number on the railings.

- We've just returned from a long weekend away that we spent with my parents. A trip to our favorite little zoo, mini golfing in Lake George, fishing, swimming and sitting around a fire in the backyard -- it was just what we needed. The girls and I will be heading for a longer weekend of traveling on the train, time with family, swimming in the pool and a day in New York very soon. I'm also hosting a mini-reunion with my good friends from high school right before we leave for downstate. These girls were my closest friends during our high school days but I haven't seen most of them in 10+ years. Kinda crazy. It will be great to see everyone and meet their children.

- It's been a busy summer but we're enjoying it. The days are flying by and soon enough we will be meeting our little baby and settling in for a cozy winter. I'm not wishing away days but I'm definitely looking forward to a little order and scheduling that comes with school in the fall.


  1. In case I have not said it,Congratulations on your new baby. I think it is wonderful. Hopefully things will go very smoothly with your move, but knowing your family I am sure you will not have any problems :)

  2. Wow - it seems that people are certainly quite nosy.... ;)

    I am glad that things are going so well for all of you.

    Have fun with all of your high school friends, I remember how much they mean to you from hearing about them during our time in Potsdam.


  3. You going with My Father's World again this year? :)


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