I made it!

When I wake up each morning, snuggled under a blanket and feeling a bit chilled I know that I made it.

I survived summer huge and pregnant.

Granted we might have a few more hot days but I know the end is in sight. The tops of the trees are starting to turn pretty colors. My family happily devoured a pot of chicken stew. I find myself closing windows in the evenings. It's lovely.

Some other things I'm enjoying:

- The last few weeks of my pregnancy. Today I'm entering my 36th week. The last month of this pregnancy snuck up on me big time. I'm enjoying slowly sorting through baby clothes and looking at all the tiny, sweet little outfits our Addie will wear soon. This little darling is still quite active! I love that her kicks and wiggles are still a part of my day.

- Wii Sports Resort. I have to admit that the Wii didn't get a lot of play time during the summer. Now that it's cooling off, I find that the girls are playing it more again. Sports Resort is hands down our favorite game.

- Our curriculum choices for this year are working out well. I'm finding that the extra time I'm spending with Alyssa is really paying off already. Her reading is improving by leaps and bounds. Lael has had to adjust her expectations a bit, as sitting at her computer isn't nearly as exciting as she'd hoped! But things are getting a little more smooth each day and for that I'm thankful.

- The chore chart I threw together two weeks ago are still working well also. It's similar to this but not nearly as pretty! Our little system helps me to keep straight what everyone has done (or not done ...) by dinner time.

Things I'm hoping to accomplish before Addie arrives:

- Finding our bins of clothes. They are all in our storage room somewhere and I'd like to get the clothes, jackets, winter coats, hats & accessories as well as our changing table. Once it's here, I can take time to go through them, organize diapers on the changing table, figuring out what coat fits which kid ... all that fun stuff.

- Stocking our freezer. Our favorite meat store will be delivering a few hundred pounds of beef right around the time I'm due. My mom will take home half and we will have plenty left to go with the chicken I purchased last week. Then in October, I'd like to stock up on our favorite breakfast meats as well. 8 O'Clock Ranch ships nationwide so check them out if you've ever wondered how grass-fed meat tastes. It's delicious! Wondering why I'd even spend so much money on meat?? Check this out and you will understand.

- Hospitality. Starting tonight! And I'm still in my pajamas lounge clothes, with not much more than school accomplished for the day. Good thing our guests tonight aren't the picky type!


  1. Sports Resort is our favorite, too. I like that the games are nice a short and "equal" in length. Makes taking turns a lot easier. ;)


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