We are all moved into our rental house with no boxes, misplaced baskets or bags in sight. Photos are displayed, pretty vases are on shelves, all our Adirondack decor is placed through the house. Everyone is happy here - very happy. It's quiet and the girls have been completely enjoying playing outside. Even the dog loves it!

Josh and I are pretty exhausted this weekend. It seems that the entire month of July was spent doing all the things the girls asked to do this summer -- a weekend in the Adirondacks at Nana and Papa's house, a weekend on Long Island complete with a trip to the city (well that one had been planned since March!), lots of days at the beach and our friends' pool, shopping and fun. It's selfish to say but I'm ready for August to be for us. Relaxing Saturdays, slow evenings and quiet Sundays ... starting with today! We puttered around today, just doing what ever struck our fancy. It was very nice. Tomorrow Josh is going fishing with some friends for the afternoon. It's just what he needs right now - an afternoon relaxing, doing what he loves.

We're gearing up for Addie's arrival which is now anywhere from 6-8 weeks away. Just a few little things left to get and plenty of things to wash, then we're ready. I'm getting anxious to meet this active little one. Well, she's probably not so little but that's what we've come to expect. My guess right now is between 9lb. 7 oz and 9 lb. 10 oz. Soon enough we will see!


  1. Glad to know everyone is relaxed and settled in. Hope Josh catches one as big as Laurens.


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