-- It's been hot. Really hot. Near 90 degrees and humid each day, with temps barely getting down into the 60's at night. Not the most comfortable weather for someone who is as large as I am. Today is the day it's supposed to break though and I'm about ready to throw a party to celebrate.

-- I'm 37 weeks - officially full term for those of you who don't speak 'pregnant' - and we're ready for Addie any time she decides to arrive. Diapers washed, bassinet clean, clothes folded. I have to pack a hospital bag, but I really don't think I'll be going into labor for a couple weeks yet. My doctor still has concerns that Addie is going to be very large. I think I broke through a bit when I reminded her that I delivered a 10 pound posterior baby naturally. She looked at me a bit shocked and said "You delivered a 10 pounder posterior? Well then you could probably deliver a 12 pound baby!" Yes, Dr. B. Welcome to the party. That is exactly what I've been trying to tell you for weeks.

-- We enjoyed a one-day visit from my mom and my twin 8-year old nephews this past week. The boys have enough energy to keep up with Lael, so to say that everyone had a fun day would be a gross understatement. They're so close in age that they just click together and off they go! Everyone was wonderfully behaved -- even when we took all five of them into the grocery store. I like well behaved kids. :)

-- Have I mentioned that this house is tucked far enough off the main road that we hear almost no traffic noise? It's so quiet, compared to living on a main road for two months and right off the main road for 8 years. I'm enjoying it very much.

-- I like hearing the geese flying overhead. Even if it is crazy hot, the geese know it's September. Cooler weather is coming!