Since October 1...

I have not cooked a meal. Our
church does an amazing job with spoiling new moms. Members of the church bring dinners for a week. Lunches have been leftovers or sandwiches - mainly prepared by Lael along with breakfast. I haven't done a thing!

I have not used cloth diapers for more than an afternoon. Although Addison is a large baby, she has skinny legs and fitting her into prefolds has been a challenge. She doesn't like diaper changes, which adds to the challenge as well. And to be perfectly honest, I can't imagine adding to my laundry right now. My wonderful husband has encouraged me to just relax and use disposables, even though my wild hormones had me on quite a guilt trip at first. How could I not use these great diapers I got such a deal on?! Didn't he understand how much money I was saving us? Thankfully, he appreciates my sanity more than he appreciates extra money. We will switch to cloth when Addie fits into them properly. But I won't feel condemned for using disposables until then.

I have worn pre-pregnancy pants and could breathe deeply the whole time. :-D

I have used paper plates way too much.

I have snuggled my smooshy girl nonstop.

I have slept wonderfully, thanks to not-so-little Miss Addie. She usually gets one good 4 hour stretch of sleep each night. This is heavenly for me, since I was waking hourly during the last two months of my pregnancy.

My daughters did their first full day of school today. By the time they were done, the house was trashed since Lauren's favorite thing
to do during school is cut and glue things. Paper shreds wind up everywhere! But we did it and that's what matters.

Josh and I have stared at Addie endlessly. What a gift she is and how close could we have been to losing her. I know it was just two hours before Addie was stabilized and perfectly fine but what an eye-opener those two hours were! The name Addison basically means "son of Adam.". Jane means "God is gracious." The combination of the two is perfect -- we are all sinners, sons of Adam but God is gracious. We have been given a path to grace where there was none. Addie's birth will always remind me of that. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


  1. So glad that Josh wants what is best for you and your sanity right now and not how much he can save. He is a good man, like his father. I love hearing what Addie's name means. Can hardly wait until Sat.

  2. I have never cloth-diapered a newborn...for me, those first few months are a bad time for added stress, even if it's just an extra load of laundry. I have yet to fit into my pre-pregnancy pants. I use paper plates all the time, even when I don't have a good reason. Seems to me like you are managing this post-partum time wonderfully ;).


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