Black Friday

Even if you aren't one of those crazy people who get up in the middle of the night to wait in line for the "it" item you need to have, there are some great deals to be found on Black Friday. This year, I'm shopping early on Black Friday - probably around 6am - but I'm going for everything but a TV or electronics.

Some things I shop for on Black Friday:

- kids' clothes - My girls seem to grow faster each year. If I can get pants and pajamas for half price, I'm stocking up. This year Sears has kids' jeans on sale for $5 as well as girls tops and sweaters 50% off. Good thing I have girls who like clothes because they'll be getting some under the tree!

- batteries - Cameras, handheld gaming systems, toys, flashlights, remote controls ... you name it, it needs batteries. Walgreens has their store-brand batteries on sale - buy one package for $3.99, get three free. Even if it is a store brand, you can't really beat that.

- art stuff - My girls love to draw. Last year I bought them each a huge art kit - over 100 pieces - for $8 on Black Friday. There are still some of the pieces hanging around. It was a great buy and I plan on doing it again. This year, Walmart has two different Crayola art sets on sale for $8 again.

- Playdoh - Another timeless item that my girls will play with for hours. And another one I got last year that I'm doing again. Walmart has a 24-pack of large Playdoh jars on sale for $8. This will be one of Lauren's gifts but I know they'll all get plenty of play time with that many jars to share.

- Small appliances - No one lines up to buy a slow cooker on Black Friday but it will be the one "big" item I'm going for. Sears has a brand name 2 quart slow cooker on sale for $9.99. My slow cooker, which I've had for 10 years, is now broken and I use it enough that it needs to be replaced. I've happily waited a couple of weeks, knowing that if I did I would be saving at least $10-20.

So that's some of my Black Friday list! What's on yours?


  1. Glad you got the tihings you wanted on Black Friday. No BF shopping for me any more, I am way to old to fight the crowds.


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