rolling along

221. Bickering girls. If they didn't bicker and learn to resolve their conflict here, how would they ever learn that skill?

222. good music

223. clearance racks

224. my new-to-me Ergo that was passed on from a friend who didn't use it

225. big blue 3-year-old eyes looking at me saying "I'm a genius!"

226. Dunkin' Donuts coffee on the way to Lael's guitar lesson

227. Lyrics that clearly say the words I fumble on ... perfection has it's price but i could not afford to live that life. it always ends the same - a fight i'll never win

228. Not having to be perfect, not having to measure up, not having to fit in.

229. Just having to believe that God's grace is enough and Jesus paid the price for me a long time ago