We are family.

y husband works a lot. He loves his job and for that we are thankful! But it's still hard for him and us to have him gone so much of each week. Such is life though. I'm proud to say that Josh has been voted in as a deacon at our church recently. It adds a bit more to his already full plate but when God seems to be walking you down a road, you follow. We are also still trying to get our land cleared so that we can start leveling and digging first thing in the spring to build our house. It's been a huge leap of faith for us to sell our house and continue to trust that things will fall into place for building. It's a good lesson for us all.

ur oldest daughter continues to be a huge help around the house. Each morning, she is up with Alyssa and Lauren about an hour before I am up with Addison. By the time I'm upstairs with Addie and have enjoyed a cup of coffee, Lael has made breakfast for herself and her sisters. She also makes lunch most days and will happily pitch in with dinner if I need her help. Lael has been our biggest example of the reality that each and every child is different. She is a unique bundle of energy! But we trust God that if we continue to be faithful, that she will be an asset to the Kingdom of God as she grows.

ur sweet Alyssa turned 7 this past weekend! It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 7 years that we've been dealing with food allergy issues in our blonde girl. It just seems like second nature at this point. Even Lauren will ask for someone to read her the ingredients on something before she gives it to Alyssa. This has been another area of faith for us. We're thankful beyond words that Alyssa's health issues aren't more serious but we trust God that she will outgrow them in His time. It's been a big season of growth for Alyssa. She's had to step up and be Lauren's "chore buddy" around the house. She also conquered her fear of putting her head under water at her swim classes. Alyssa continues to demonstrate such a sweet and considerate personality. We're blessed by her every day.

ur little charmer is still working her magic on us, even though she's no longer the youngest. This little blue eyed girl can charm the socks off just about anyone! Lauren is such a funny and sweet girl. She has her moments of three-year-old-ness, but for the most part she's an absolute joy. Lauren adores her baby sister like no child I've ever seen. She likes to look at her, hold her, sing to her, read her books, sit next to her... you get the idea. Lauren tried to play Barbies with Addie today. It didn't work so well obviously but her adoration for her sister is so fun to watch. We're (okay I'm) getting better at looking past Lauren's cuteness and we're working on some of her flaws - a major one is she talks with her thumb in her mouth. She's getting really good at remembering to take out her "thumby" and speak clearly. When she does, she sounds like a 16 year old! The things she comes out with are hilarious!

t's hard to believe it's been a month since our baby Addie was born. She's growing like crazy and starting to smile. I'm happy to report that she's grown enough that she comfortably fits into our BumGenius OneSize cloth diapers. We've only used them for one full day but I'm beyond happy with this product so far. Addie continues to be a champion sleeper and a sweet, easy going baby during the day. When she's hungry or needs to be changed, she will definitely let her issue be known but for the most part, she's amazing!

ell, I'm busy! Transitioning to four daughters has been a bit rough. Keeping homeschooling rolling along with 4H, swim classes, Lael's guitar lessons and my small group at church has been challenging at times. None of the girls in this family (myself included!) do well with being at home all day for days on end. We need to get out so the activity has been good for us. I find myself at times feeling like I've got this thing down pat but then swinging violently to a crumbling mess with a dirty house and hot dogs for dinner. Again. But I'm adjusting and learning how to keep all the plates spinning. I want to grow and be more like Christ each day. Thankfully God's mercies are still new each morning and every time I come to Him, His grace is enough for me.


  1. Loved this post...and as always, I will say that you will always have it more together than I do my friend...you are an inspiration.


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