Christmas update

* drooling, biting her hands, smiling constantly
* has a preference for one sister over the others
* just plain adorable

* enthralled with all things Christmas this year.
* happily obsessed with her baby sister
* knows how to play computer games. I'm not really sure when this happened.
* in general, the happiest and most sanguine kid in our house.

* loving the roll of Addie's favorite "babysitter" while I'm doing dishes and such
* looking happily towards Christmas break
* excited that she gets to wear sparkly tights to Lael's guitar recital
* learning her multiplication tables

* practicing for her first guitar recital
* reading books as fast as she can get her hands on them
* counting down the days to Christmas break
* loving that she's my kitchen back-up. Yesterday she got to make scrambled eggs and finish baking cookies.

* busy as all get-out
* enjoying watching Christmas movies with his snuggle bug, Lauren
* happy that I'm almost done shopping. Haha :)

* finally feeling like it's Christmas time
* looking forward to Christmas break, probably more than the girls
* so thankful for Addie's wonderful sleep habits
* looking forward to giddy faces on Christmas morning when they see their gifts!