My baby Addie is 4 months old. She's chubby cheeked and round bellied and sweet. She loves to talk and chatter with her sisters. She really loves holding onto her Daddy's bearded chin while having long conversations filled with smiles and coos. She's asleep on my lap right now, holding my finger. She looks like a little doll, all pink and perfect.

She looks nothing like the unresponsive, blue faced newborn that was whisked off my chest moments after birth.

That image is forever burned in my brain as a reminder of how fleeting life is. Thankfully, that was just a moment. Two hours after that horrific moment, a more fitting memory was made. I was handed my perfect, pink baby wrapped in a soft blanket. There have been innumerable moments since then that make me pause, collect my emotions, take a deep breath and thank my God for this treasure.