We've returned from Alyssa's yearly check-up with the allergist. I feel like a deflated balloon. Again. This probably shouldn't be a letdown to me each year but it was once again.

She hasn't outgrown any of her allergies.
Her doctors don't really think she ever will outgrow them.
Numbers and test results were so high, they recommend putting off testing for two years to save Alyssa the pain and grief of the needles, blood work, etc.

I know food allergies are not a horrible, life threatening disease. Alyssa is a healthy girl who isn't deprived of anything. She has ice cream and cookies, macaroni and cheese, "peanut" butter and jelly...every food that kids are supposed to have available to them. She is getting better about speaking up and telling people she has food allergies.

The problem is me.
I have to relax and trust my daughter as well as the adults around her.

It's very anxiety-provoking to leave Alyssa at a friends' house or at the lunch period during her homeschool enrichment program. The whatifs are so numerous, I get butterflies just thinking about them. Are the teachers watching? Does she have her paper towel set out for her food? Are her friends crowding her area with their food? Does Mrs. ____ know she can't have ____? Is someone teasing her again?
I hate it.
But this is life for her and for us.
She doesn't hate it. And if I'm not careful, I'm going to make her hate it as well. God made Alyssa this way for a reason. Now to let her live her life so we can all see what those plans are for our sweetest girl!


  1. Sorry about the not so good news but it sounds like you have a good system going and she understands what her needs are!


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