The lion is here

-- it's a very March kind of day today. This morning, we had a snow storm and all of our beautiful March mud was covered in white once again. Now, it raining steadily, all the white is gone and we're back to brown everywhere. I like brown.

-- we have moved again. Since selling our house, things have been very up-in-the-air for our family. We just kept going one day at a time, waiting to see what the Lord would bring. As usual, what God had for us was so much better than what we would have planned. We are now living less than a half mile from our property, surrounded by good friends but in our own little spot so our girls can start to feel like we live in the country like we have always wanted. The house is a great size and our backyard is massive. The ultimate goal is still building our dream house but while we walk that out, our family is so comfortable. It fits right into our plan for a stress-free build, taking our time to make decisions slowly and save money. I could never have imagined that we could live this close and be in such a great space at the same time. The Lord is so good to us.

-- my baby is quickly approaching 6 months old. She rolls all over the place, grabs food out of our hands, screeches for attention and smiles at anyone who looks at her. She is such a sweet baby. The whole sleeping thing hasn't really come to her yet but I'm sure she will get the hang of it eventually.

-- I'm freshly aware of my imperfections as a mother. I'm also freshly aware of God's grace for those imperfections. There is nothing like mercy.