and on and on

301 "You say I am blessed because of this so i choose to believe" ~ audrey assad

302 'windy' the pooh, as Lauren says

303 giggling sisters

304 ice water

305 bedtime

306 baby breath on my cheek

307 extra pacifiers

308 oil changes

309 farmer's market

310 my happy-Alyssa carrying her AG doll

311 not having to cook dinner

312 baby-daddy adoration

313 a gorgeous evening despite what the forecast says

314 my birthday shared with my big girl

315 surprises from my hubby

316 friends who keep secrets and step in to help

317 good thrift stores

318 the whole family working on our land

319 little girls in a bubble bath

320 healthy girls who can once again help with chores

321 patience

322 good customer service

323 lists

324 plans for fun days with my girls

325 everyone being ready on time!

326 forgiveness

327 love

328 chocolate

329 fireflies

330 the best day with my big girl

331 watching her giggle and chat with her BFF

332 coming home to hubby's bbq'ed ribs

333 awesome field trips with friends

334 a balsam pillow

335 nighttime peace

336 raisin bran with ice cold milk

337 a Mennonite store less than 30 minutes away

338 cheap raw sugar

339 Deanna

340 garbage men who empty our stinky trash

341 the beautiful sounds of the country in the morning

342 a little bit of time to go back to sleep

343 Amish neighbors who grow delicious strawberries

344 my big girl, going off with friends and knowing she'll have a great time

345 popcorn for dinner

346 the smell of clean, country air on our evening walk

347 counting down the days to our weekend away with Lauren

348 cheap van repairs (even the hundredth time)

349 Lauren bring everyone drinks without being asked

350 sitting with hubby while he grills

351 happy girls, swimming with friends

352 guests, planned and unplanned from near and far

353 the smell of sunblock on my baby's head

354 awarding new freedoms to my big girls


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