the book

I've been doing my list of 1,000 gifts for awhile now. It all started with Ann's blog. Do you know Ann? I don't either but after reading her blog for years, it's easy to feel like you really know someone.

Then I read her book. the book. It's one of those books that you want to buy for everyone you know and say "please stop everything you're doing for the afternoon and read this entire book."

It's that good, that life changing, that encouraging, a beautiful push closer to God and what He wants for us. So I've been trying to keep my list going on a more regular basis. I don't have a pretty journal to write it in. I like to keep it online so maybe it could be an encouragement to someone else. (I grab my phone and tweet my list regularly, if you'd like to follow I'm here.) Then once a week or so, I transfer the list onto here to keep my list organized.

This isn't the easiest season for me to overflow with thankfulness. Things happen and in the grand scheme of life, our challenges are not great or mighty. But sometimes it hurts more to step on a small pebble that a huge boulder. Those little rocks hurt your feet bad and the little challenges are draining. So I turn again to thankfulness, to stir up and remind myself that God is good. I am blessed. And seasons change.

274 walks with the whole family, even when Hubs doesn't feel well

275 a moment to snuggle my sleepy baby

276 coupons

277 the library

278 creative girls

279 good curriculum

280 Friday afternoons

281 good greenhouses

282 truckers who take a moment to honk their horn for my girls

283 brew-over-ice kcups

284 wind chimes

285 the big blue sky

286 sick babies that aren't that sick

287 a morning at home

288 Hubs taking the girls on an errand with him

289 flowers

290 carpet cleaner

291 sun, warm on my legs

292 rhubarb from a generous neighbor

293 good books

294 a Hubs who makes good choices (even when it means i don't get an iPhone 4)

295 the slow meander into summer

296 Amish, plowing up the field across the road

297 old married couples

298 homeschoolclassifieds

299 a pool next door

300 the wonderful neighbors who let us use that pool


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