because He is good

355 The Adirondack Mountains -- lakes and ponds smooth like glass, trees glittering with morning dew, majestic pines, fog lifting between the peaks

356 the best Hubby ever, loading us up at 5 am to surprise my dad for the weekend (even though my mom told him)

357 rides and fireworks on my brother's boat

358 swimming in the river with my girls

359 comfy rooms waiting for us at my parents house

360 a weekend away

361 days spent being lazy at the beach

362 friends with new babies

363 Pine Sol

364 summer rain showers

365 sharing hobbies with my Hubby

366 giggling friends

367 more beach days

368 VBS

369 good hairdressers

370 teaching my girls to swim

371 LE sandals for $5.99

372 Shout stain remover

373 fresh veggies grown in my backyard