His Love endures

374 organizing with my hubby

375 beautiful summer days

376 nothing to do

377 abundance

378 invitations

379 air conditioning

380 peekaboo with Addie

381 funny tweets that show I'm not the only nutty one in the world

382 a bored daughter who bakes chocolate chip cookie bars

383 safe and snuggly girls during a thunderstorm

384 baby screeches of joy

385 two glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep

386 my choleric girl taking time to organize my closet

387 then taking her sister for a walk

388 and then helping with lunch even though it's not "her" chore

389 friends who get me

390 no pressure to be what I'm not

391 honesty

392 evening chats with the hubs

393 a clean dining room table

394 Mondays - a fresh start to a new week

395 quick er visits

396 no broken bones

397 Sundays to rest and regroup

398 counting down to the first day or school


A year ago we were still in the midst of transition after selling our home. People have commented on our family's attitude while living in that little (LITTLE) white house. It's by God's grace that we didn't go crazy. Now we are in a great house and location so that we can do what we wanted to do from the beginning ... Take our time in clearing and prepping our land, take time to make choices for our house that will be cost effective and beneficial not just now but 30 years from now and then take our time building the house. It is so nice to not feel rushed or pressured.

Addie is 10 months old today. She is following in Lauren's footsteps so far and is the sweetest, happiest baby you can imagine. And just like Lauren, sleeping is not her favorite pastime. I'm sure she will catch on eventually, I just have to stay awake until then.

Lauren is growing by leaps and bounds in her abilities at the pool. She likes to dunk and jump and swim like a little fish. She is also excited to start some preschool work this fall.

Alyssa is our biggest helper with Addie. She is definitely a great babysitter in training. Alyssa also had a sleepover with her best friend. It's the first time she has spent a night away from me or my mom to watch over her food choices. I was petrified that I'd receive a phone call telling me she had eaten something she shouldn't. But I didn't of course and she had a great time.

Lael is 10 and wanting more and more freedoms. She takes bike rides up the dirt road near our house by herself and has had her share of sleepovers as well. Lael would also live at the pool or at the beach if we let her. She LOVES to swim.

I confess that I'm wishing summer away already. It's been a hot summer and I'm not a hot weather kinda gal. Also I think it has to do with the fact that I like routine and order. Until we moved here in March, there was little routine that was maintained. We settled into this house quickly and routine was easily established. It seemed like just as quickly as we fell into that routine, we finished school and routine went out the window. I'm ready for it again. That's not to say we have no routine during summer. Morning chores are happening as I type and there has been a good flow to our days. But I'm ready for pencils and books again.

The fact that we are returning to my favorite curriculum isn't helping my patience with summer days. My Father's World is a great Bible-based unit study curriculum that we've used in the past. This year we will be doing early American history which is also a favorite of mine. The books are all here waiting for us. So yes. I'm counting the days. August 22 can't come soon enough.