Homeschool organization

We are starting in on another year of homeschooling this week. Lael is going into 5th grade, if that's even possible, Alyssa into 3rd and Lauren is doing preschool work. My organization of our books has become more and more simplistic over the years. Especially with living in a rental house (a wonderful, spacious house!), I had to make this space work for us.

In the kitchen, we have this awesome shelving unit. It's super sturdy and hefty enough for lots of books. On it, I keep all our textbooks and teacher's manuals as well as our chore card file box.

Each girl has a color-coordinated bin for their school books and supplies. Their workbooks, binders, notebooks, pencil boxes, art supplies and the like are kept in their bin. I color coordinate as much as possible. Pencils, sharpeners, scissors, pencil boxes, binders and anything else I think they might need for school that I can find in the right colors. Lael's bin is in her room near her desk where she does her work. (um yeah. she has a football in her bin. not sure why) Lauren and Alyssa have their bins in the dining room, under our phone table.

For my stuff, I put it all in this basket next to the phone table. It's my MFW teacher's manual, the books I'm currently reading, magazines and sale fliers I want to read, my coupon folder, envelopes, the little notebook where I keep all our bulk order information and the lint brush. (Because, really you need to know where the lint brush at all times.)

It's not a fancy classroom with pretty posters on the wall but it's working well for us. I like that school just happens in our house, where ever we might be. And these pics are from the first day, after I spent the morning organizing the chores and books. They won't be this neat by the end of the week. :-)


  1. We do our homeschool in the kitchen. We don't have a fancy room either! Love all your bins and organization!

  2. I'm so much less organized than you ;). I always *feel* like organizing things...schoolbooks and supplies, chores, whatever...makes more work for me in the long-run, despite the fact that I constantly feel like I don't have things "together". So far, I tend to have the most luck with lists, either mental or actually in writing. There's something about the self-discipline of establishing habits that is really, really hard for me. Maybe, some day, I will get there. But seeing all of your organization makes me hope that day comes sooner rather than later ;).


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