It's snowing. The nice, floaty kind of snow that looks perfect falling on the fields that surround our house. It's the kind of snow we all wished for every day of December but never got. Better late than never?

I've been pondering lots of things lately....

Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple, right? (Matthew 21) They were polluting His temple, His holy place so he kicked them to the curb. Why don't we ever do this in our homes and lives? The money changers in the temple were disrupting and detracting from the work of God in that place. Do we have people that have set up shop in our lives that disrupt the work of God? I'm not saying we shouldn't love those people, don't get me wrong. But there is a big difference between loving and serving people and them letting them run our lives. We let toxic people into our homes and our hearts with the idea that we can change them. But really, only God can change them. We can be examples of holiness and grace even as we say "my God and family are the most important thing to me, I need to focus on that." That is the example toxic people need to see - women who are not afraid to stand up for what is most important in their lives. Why do we, as women, think its holy to do everything for everyone? I don't think that is what God mind for us. But I'm still chewing on this one.

I need self control. Desperately. A lack of self control is the root cause of every issue in my life. The lack of self control is making me see how badly I need more of God, more of the fruit that should be coming from my life.

Menu planning is one of the things I love and hate all at the same time. Trying to eat healthy (very limited white sugar and flour, lean meats, more veggies, beans and legumes) while also finding ways to cook things so one dinner can feed all of us is a challenge. Most low-GI or low-carb recipes have either cheese or eggs in them. Our beautiful Alyssa cannot eat cheese or eggs. It took me all afternoon yesterday to get it figured out. Then top that with a budget I'm desperately trying to stick to. I found an app that keeps track of prices for me so as I'm writing my menu and adding items to my grocery list, it adds it all up. I'm hoping it helps a bit with that whole self control thing...


  1. What's the app? I'm not a good menu planner, but I'm going to try again, and I was thinking of how handy it would be to know how much each meal costs as I'm planning.

  2. How do you do your menu planning? I really want to do this, but every time I try it seems like I can't make our grocery budget work. Plus, I am usually feeding just Ray and myself, making it a bit more difficult. (Sometimes Peter eats after he get home, sometimes not...he gets out kind of late...)(Oh, not to mention how defeated I feel when Ray won't eat most of what I serve and that Peter is continually a bit picky....)


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