Yes, I'm feeling totally lazy and tired right now.  And I'm also feeling like my list should be a lot longer by now.
But here's the next installment in my list, in a big jumble because I'm too tired to number each one. :-)

# 435 - 482:

The beauty of homeschooling = knowing my girl does better when she can talk it out, math on the couch, great spelling apps, calm, amazing church leaders, freedom to disagree, people gathering to help those in need, song lyrics that move me, completed chores, funny typos, baby snuggles, smiley Lauren, soft tissues, fresh grace every morning (or every moment), why we need vacations - big girls and daddy dates, watching Addie walk, naps, rowdy dinnertime fun, relaxing, early mornings with my baby, a house full of friends, a sparkling Christmas tree, anticipation for celebrations to come, memories of her living with us, the bible I sent her when they found cancer, her years of life afterwards, my Aunt Cindy, excitement over new "butter" for my allergy girl, fog lifting over the back field, rearranged furniture, slow mornings when I'm tired, a visit with my parents, peeking in the windows of Amish school with my mom, tears as they leave knowing my girls love their nana & papa,hot apple cider k-cups, good recipes, being honest and knowing I won't be judged harshly, autumn leaves,pink long johns on my baby, Rosy cheeks on my girls after bike rides, sad & disappointing days that turn out ok, watching football with hubs, rainy Sundays, early morning happiness, Lauren's guitar playing, sniffly noses keeping us tucked in at home, autumn decorations, marking one year ago that my blueish baby was whisked off my chest and celebrating her chubby,sweet 1st birthday.


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