thoughts on a loud morning

- People may say the having boys is louder in general than having girls.  I don't think i would disagree with that entirely but I think girls have the market on the sheer volume of words they speak in a day.  Sometimes, I can't believe how much talking happens in this house.  They even talk in their sleep! 

- This just might be the craziest winter ever.

- We are starting the think about Lauren's birthday.  It's her big number 5 this year and for us that means a big party.  She is so very excited.  But she's Lauren so her being excited is pretty normal. 

- We've been living in this house in the country for almost a year.  I love being out of town.  (even with the crazy Amish traffic.  it's worth it)

- I hate tight pants on young girls.  I hate skinny jeans.  I hate tight jeans tucked into tight knee-high boots.  This does not exude modesty to me.  And I further hate that my daughters see these trendy items as things they NEED.  I have given an inch, you might say, on allowing them to wear such things and I grow to regret it more each day. 

- What's the importance of modesty with young girls, you say?  Changing the rules every few years as they grow and change is ridiculous. There is a standard and it must be upheld for each girl, no matter what age. 

This, unfortunately, means we are going shopping for jeans today.