I had a conversation with a friend last night. She told me that she thinks I'm down-to-earth.

sensible; practical; realistic

So here's me being sensible, practical, realistic. and completely honest.

My days are almost all spent here at home. Beautiful views of farm country out every window, blessed beyond measure when I think over the last 19 months. More blessed and excited to think about the future, what God has for us and the people we call neighbors, being some of our best friends. But busy. How in the world it can be so busy when I'm just here, leaving the house only a few times a week? Most days it will suddenly be time for lunch and I will have no idea what was accomplished all morning. Most days, about half of the girls' school is all I can claim for the 'done' list. It's just one constant thing after another....not always bad things just things. questions and needs and directing and redirecting and breaking up and bringing together. Just busy.

I struggle with self-control. Like all the time. ALL the time.

We are still working through our constant clothing dilemma. Modern fashion is not appealing to me at all. But with the fresh mindset of "Jesus came not to serve, but be served," how are expensive or flashy clothes helping me to serve others? Are the prized jeans or boots going to become idols in the heart of my young daughter, being the most important thing to have? A book I'm reading right now really opened my eyes to the fact that modesty is a lot more than how tight or short a gal's clothes are. Jesus didn't draw attention to these clothes, pants, boots, heels, etc draw attention to me, my tween daughter, my young daughter? What is my motivation behind allowing me or them to wear this? Is it attention seeking or just appropriate, lovely and function able so we can just serve Jesus? Hard stuff. It won't go away any time soon, I know.

A friend of my girls told me recently she thinks a certain popular country/pop star is a good role model. Our pastor preached an excellent message on role models last week at church. It got me thinking about this pop star. She hasn't been to rehab. She doesn't party wildly. She isn't in the tabloids. But all she sings about are boys, kissing boys, boys that break her heart, boys she might want to date someday, boys she used to date and might want to get the picture. She's not bad and liking boys isn't inherently bad. That doesn't make it definitely good either. She isn't singing about loving Jesus. That makes her a role model I don't want for my girls right now. Their little hearts are so tender and pliable. Only the things that will encourage them to seek Jesus are really necessary. Time for some house cleaning.

My computer is missing three keys. Super annoying.

I found out last night that my hubby doesn't like enchiladas or burritos. After I made enchiladas for dinner. They've been in our dinner rotation for a few months now but I don't remember him telling me that he didn't like them. Oh well. Back to plain old taco Tuesday, I guess.


  1. I relate to a lot of this stuff. The modesty stuff not as much, since my one girl has a rather unique fashion sense that, usually, is all about matching colors (or not, if she has the chance to wear TWO colors that she loves, even if they don't match). But the busy-ness just being at home and the concern for my kids having godly influences - rather than just not-bad influences - come to my mind a lot. And, you know, Tim NEVER tells me he doesn't like something. It sounds wonderful, but really, sometimes feedback makes life easier ;).

  2. you are down to earth, I love that about you. Clothing is SO much easier to purchase for boys however I'm amazed at how much they critique my appearance, both when I'm just hanging around the house ( in not so appealing clothes) or when I go out. Modesty is seen by them, even at just 8 and 10, so if anyone thinks it doesn't matter for younger girls, it DOES!

    I like burritoes, enchiladas, and pretty much any kind of Asian food. My husband does not. Emphatically. I like to know this though, such a bummer when were fixing meals that we really like to find out they are , yeah, not so much!


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