in a blink.

Addie is getting opinionated about shoes and is quite good at letting us all know when she wants to go outside.

Lauren is five today. FIVE. It's probably because we put our house on the market right before her third birthday and there has been a lot of transition ever since...but it seems impossible that she could be five. Five is big around here. She will get her first big party next weekend. (and it's going to be a big one!)

Alyssa is going off with Josh for the day. I remember a time when Alyssa wouldn't leave my side.

Lael is going off with a friend to visit their church and then go to the movies. Just her and her friend. In a movie theater. She's really old.

Can someone please tell me when all this growing up happened?!


  1. It doesn't seem possible to me that your babies are this old and they are not even mine...I can't imagine how you must feel. :) Happy birthday to Lauren!

    It is just nuts how quickly we lose our babies and have children or in your case a soon to be teen.

    What a blessing God has given us in letting us raise them. :)


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