the list and the babble

483. wisdom to admit our shopping trip is a disaster and head home
484. clear skies
485. good weather forecasts
486. bulk spices
487. Snap Pea Crisps
488. a hair cut and grocery shopping without the kids
489. counting down to Lauren's birthday party
490. no red flags
491. warm days & spring rain
492. "You have redeemed my soul from the pit of emptiness. You have redeemed my soul from death."
493. quiet Fridays
494. living room picnics
495. homemade snacks
496. surprise party plans
497. knowing my family is going to visit SOON
498. fresh encouragement in my biggest struggle
499. playing a part in a great surprise for my mom (a puppy!)
500. sickness that left as fast as it hit

Halfway there.  It's taking me so very long to complete this list but I know God isn't looking at the time it takes. He is looking at the heart changes. If only I could be so gracious. 


I'm going out for the day tomorrow.  Maybe for some of you, this is no big deal.  Making plans with girlfriends, going out to dinner and taking in a concert are normal occurrences.  Not for me.  We are traveling 3 hours just to get to the concert so you can imagine how infrequently artists I want to see in concert even come to this area!  So when two of my favorites booked a show in Syracuse, you'd better believe I was finding a way to go. Plans for shopping, stops at all the stores we don't go to with our kids and dinner out weren't far behind.  I'm already wondering how I'll manage to not snuggle my sweetie blonde baby for 12+ hours but it will be worth it. Remembering how to be me, just me with my friends, is important too.