Summertime snacks

This has been saving my sanity every day around 2 pm.

I don't know how things are in your house in the summer, but once our homeschool works wraps up my kids are outside. A lot. We are blessed to live way out in the country, surrounded by very good friends that have lots of kids. If not for my morning harping about chore cards, I wouldn't be surprised if some of my daughters ran out the door in their pajamas.

Around 2 pm every day, my girls come in for a snack. Sometimes they bring friends, sometimes they don't. But snack time is a definite. To cut down on how many times I hear "what can we have for a snack?" I put together a snack basket. I keep it in the kitchen, where I can keep an eye on what's being grabbed. But for the most part, if I say they are allowed to take something out of the snack basket everything is fair game.

Some of our favorites are:

- homemade granola bars, packaged in snack-sized bags. (we are working on the girls dropping the bags right into the sink, so they can be reused. Hasn't really stuck with them yet.)

- all natural fruit snacks (the ones pictured are sold at Aldi, in a large box. Not #1 on the healthy snack list but it all balances out, right?)

- fruit

- strawberry oat bars (recipe to come!)

- trail mix bags (sunflower seeds, dry cereal, dried fruit, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, etc.)

- veggie chips (love these single sized serving bags from BJ's)

The only other thing the girls like to snack on that isn't in the basket is pretzel rods. I buy the big tubs of them from Aldi also.

I find that if I make sure and stock the basket early in the week, it lasts for several days. It takes a bit of time up front but saves headaches through the week. We keep a mix of homemade and store bought snacks available. The girls like being able to choose their snacks and I like knowing what they are grabbing on their way out the door.