1000 gifts to count

I'm still counting...

501. Every morning I say "Thank You Jesus for coffee." And I sincerely mean it, every single morning.

502. Learning to make and use sourdough starter from strangers via the web.

503. The freedom to teach my children at home

504. A garden, planted and ready to grow

505. Happy sisters playing in the sprinkler

506. A sweetie blonde toddler, smelling like sunblock and outdoors

507. Enough quiet to hear the birds

508. Afternoons at the pool with friends

509. New sandals

510. Faith for healing

511. Daddy-daughter dates

512. Knowing that though we work, it is the Lord who is building our new house

513. Saturdays

514. Air conditioning

515. 2 Corinthians 4

516. The way the wheat field bends in the wind

517. Plumbing supplies delivered

518. Clearing 3 inches of extra sand out of our foundation makes for an excellent workout

519. A quick trip to Dunkin' Donuts with my hubs

520. Morning snuggles with scared girls during a whopper thunderstorm

521. A campfire percolator for coffee even without power

522. Mandarin cranberry candles

523. Awesome church services

524. 12 years of marriage and counting!

525. Plans for our church's first "VBS" - coming up this week

526. Good books

527. A special garden dinner with our Mom's Cadre small group

528. For grace that saves,no matter what. Ephesians 2:8-9

529. My big girl getting baptized and hearing the words God had for her