Our favorite apps - preschool and kindergarten

We have had an iPad for awhile now. I knew it would be great fun for me and help keep the kids entertained when necessary, but I never realized how much we would use it for school.

Here is a list of our favorite preschool and kindergarten apps:

First, Addie's favorite app. She has played this for months and months. We only have the 'lite' (free) version but even with that, she has learned so many words. It's called SoundTouch.

As Addie taps on an image, the sound the animal or item makes will sound along with the name of the image and a real life photo of the image. There are a few photos with each image, so for example, when she taps the frog image a voice says 'frog.'. Then each time she taps the frog, a new photo of varying species of frogs slides onto the screen. so she's learning the name and sound of each animal or item as well as what it looks like. The lite version is free, while the full version is $4.99.

Next is a flash card app that Lauren uses. Imagine a box of alphabet flash cards that is completely interactive, easy to use and fun. You would have True Learning's Letters A to Z. This has really freed up some time during my day (usually when Addie decides on a Pre-lunch meltdown) to take care of the other girls. Lauren can click through, seeing and hearing the letters and sounds as well as an image of a key word. When there is a card in the center of the screen, a child can click on the image and hear the key word or the letter to hear the name & sound. Letters A to Z is $.99 and I've found it to be so very useful.

Another great preschool/kindergarten app is Intro to Letters and Intro to Math by Montessorium. Each app has several different learning activities:

You can choose to review the letters in order or randomly. Once they choose a letter, it says the letter and sound while showing the child how to trace the letter.

The app also reviews letter combinations, with the sounds as they trace. We haven't used this one too much yet but I'm sure we will.

Intro to Math is very similar.

There is a game for learning number order where a child shakes to reorder numbers and then drag them back into place.

There are also games for counting buttons, dragging and dropping wooden rods into size order and tracing numbers. Incredibly useful and brilliantly designed. Each app is $4.99 and worth every penny.

(A list of our favorite elementary apps will be up soon!)

What are your favorite preschool & kindergarten apps?


  1. My 5-year-old son's favorite app is Superflashcard, they have flashcards with sound and image illustration for many popular vocabulary categories, some are easy some are more difficult. You can visit them at www.superflashcard.com


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