summer update

Things are progressing nicely with our house. The foundation, slab, well and electric are all done. Soon, my Hubster will be taking two weeks off from work and getting the framing going. We are hopeful that the house will be complete by late fall.


The girls and i have had a slow, quiet summer. Lots of time at the pool next door or taking walks. It's probably been better for me, as I have been thoroughly enjoying the lack of plans and activity. Our church hosted a VBS-type event called Arrow in July. We helped a bunch plus enjoyed the evenings of fun and games.


Our only adventure of the summer (apart from building a house!) was a three day trip to my parents house. They live in the Adirondacks and we love visiting them any time, but summer is especially fun. My cousin and her family traveled up from Long Island to meet up with us for a few days. We went to the Great Escape as well as the beach, then a fun little spot my mom found for go-cart racing and the like. It was a great (quick) time that I hope we can make a tradition.


And now it's nearly mid-August. The stores are filled with back to school specials. My mind is turning to the final pieces of curriculum that need to be purchased, how I'm going to organize chores for the fall and how school will fit in around our building project. I definitely need a hand with keeping it all together. I'm sure some of you do too, right? Very soon, I'll be announcing a giveaway that will help one lucky winner stay on track! When I have all the details together, I will be posting the entry rules. I'm very excited to be able to offer this giveaway to one of my fellow homeschool moms, so be sure to check back soon for more details!