the house we're building

Do you moms remember being pregnant for your first child? The excitement, the anxiety and the complete exhaustion? Knowing that you wanted the baby at the end but suddenly realizing how hard the process was going to be...

That's what it's like to build your own house.

It's wonderful and fun and exciting to watch as this piece of land becomes the home we've wanted for years.

It's thrilling to see how quickly things can progress.

I love thinking and planning for the future - no slippers because we will have in-floor heating....what kind of area rugs will we need.....paint colors.....finishes. Pinterest has been a great resource for inspiration and ideas, or course. Seeing some projects I found through that site come to fruition has been very exciting.

(A pinterest-inspired rustic entry way)

(An antique trough sink that will fill the girl's bathroom.)

Doing most of the work ourselves is rewarding. Josh and I spend a lot of time together, me learning how to do all these things he learned some years ago. The girls come with us sometimes and play in the woods or help carry wood and tools or sweep and clean.

It's hard, exhausting work to build a house. Yes, we had a contractor during the framing and roofing process but now we are on our own. Help from friends and family is great but the responsibility to finish this house is ours. We are tired. We are exhausted beyond belief, really. We get cranky. But we know the end product will be so worth it.