Just little things

- I joined the Christmas Eve choir at church. It is so very nice to get out of the house and do something that doesn't involve my children (though I love them) or the new house (I love that too). It stretches my brain and exercises skills from long ago. Our second rehearsal is tonight and I've been looking forward to it all day.

- The house is cruising right along at a good pace now. My dad has spent three of the last five weeks here with us, working on interior finishes. We have heat and kitchen cabinets and my beautiful trough sink is installed in the girls' bathroom and most of the doors are up and all the windows are trimmed and the entertainment center is built and closet shelves are installed. What we don't have is water or baseboard or a sealed floor or a master bathroom vanity or a level front yard. There is still work to do but I'm hoping we will be moving in January.

- My girls had their Christmas concert and looked absolutely beautiful. I forgot to take pictures.

- Our washing machine is broken and while I'm not looking forward to the repair bill or the days it will take to catch us up -- I'm loving the no laundry days this week. We probably smell a bit because everyone is wearing at least one thing that's been worn twice, but hey. Gotta love no laundry.

- I feel like I have things I could say but the smarter side of me says that they're not things to be shared in public. This is what I will say. Love your family and treasure your friends. Let go of the people that just don't seem interested in being either. It hurts but it's worth it.


  1. Yay! To all of it....including the broken washing machine.

    Looking forward to some hot coffee and warm conversations in your new home :-)


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